H.E.A.T18. July 2012

H.e.a.t H.e.a.t & Freedom Rock, Stratovarius - Infinite & Intermission, Status Quo - In Search Of The Fourth Chord & Quid Pro Quo, Ian Gillan - Live In Anaheim & Gillan's Inn, Keith Emerson  - Keith Emerson Band & Moscow. Two albums for the price of one!

H.e.a.t H.e.a.t & Freedom Rock (Out 20.07.2012)

After having built up their reputation as the new leading band in the AOR genre, singer Kenny Lackremo surprisingly left the band. Showing that there is no reason why stopping the beginning of a great career, the band joined forces with Erik Gronwall (winner of Swedish IDOL 2009) who proved to be a fantastic singer on the new album “Address The Nation” (March 2012).
For everyone who would like to upgrate their collection and witnessing the band’s career from the very start, the band is releasing their first 2 studio albums bundled in a high-class digi-pak.

H.E.A.T’s career started with their self-titled debut record “H.E.A.T” having reached worldwide acclaim in the spring of 2008. Recorded in Sweden and mixed and produced by AOR legend Michael Vail Blum in L.A. the album immediately entered the Swedish album charts. The band conquered rock and metal chart pools all over the world and became one of the most wanted new bands among the fans of melodic hard rock.