H.E.A.T23. April 2012

earMUSIC, the Hamburg based rock label which is part of Edel Group, is proud to announce H.E.A.T’s  first video “Living On The Run” from their recently released new album “Address The Nation”.

Watch the brandnew video here!

Address The Nation” has been produced by Grammy award winning Tobias Lindell (Europe, Hardcore Superstar). With each of the 10 tracks being crafted with incredible songwriting skills, the album is full of potential hit singles. And so is the first single “Living On The Run”.

What now is defined “classic rock” is a music movement, that is more than mere nostalgia, somehow happening in the dark of trends and hype, but filling arenas and pushing names on top of the sales charts. All over the world, music fans of all ages keep showing their support and dedication to artists who wrote important pages in the history of music in the 70s and the 80s (and later). H.E.A.T don’t hide their love for their heroes, they don’t mix the sound of the music they like with new trendy and updated sound, they don’t use irony to justify the fact they play this music. They just do it and they want to be the best at it.

The giants they have to fight against are huge masters of the genre: Foreigner, Journey, Europe, Bon Jovi. But time is on H.E.A.T’s side.
And for once, we might have the luck to witness the birth of a classic rock name… Which is releasing what sounds to be one of the albums of the year while the members are still enjoying their twenties.

For those who love AOR and melodic heavy rock… this is a chance not to miss.

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