H.E.A.T9. March 2012

The Swedish band H.E.A.T is about to release their third album "Address The Nation", after the renewal of their collaboration with the Hamburg based label earMUSIC.

The band’s sophomore album, Freedom Rock, was nominated as one of the Top 50 albums in 2010 by Classic Rock Magazine, UK. Since then, they have been touring all over the world, building up their reputation as the new leading band in the adult oriented rock genre. Now H.E.A.T are back with their new singer Erik Gronwall and a new album produced by Grammy award winner Tobias Lindell, who is also responsible for several hits of the legendary band "Europe". For those who love AOR and melodic heavy rock – This is a chance not to miss. 

“A full-fledged homage to AOR that belies their youth, H.E.A.T are one of the weekend’s unexpected highlights. So free of cyniscm are they in their love of their heroes, and so thorough in their attention to detail that the likeable Swedes are totally lost in the moment, and that vibe radiates until it reaches everyone in the tent.” (Classic Rock Magazine UK – Download Festival 2011 live review)

Check out www.heatsweden.com for more information on H.E.A.T .

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