Incognito7. December 2012

With the legendary acid jazz band having released 15 studio records, “The New Millenium Collection“ is now combining the best out of the last 10 years.

Truth been told, it was by far no easy task to decide on the best songs out of 6 records.
The result: 23 beautiful songs highlighted with fluid bass lines and irresistible drum grooves which, by all means, reflect the energy of the band’s live shows. From samba inspired songs like ‘Beyond The Clouds’ (“Adventures In Black Sunshine“, 2004) to acoustic and essential songs like ‘Always There’ and ‘Everybody Loves
The Sunshine’ (“Bees + Things + Flowers“, 2006) up to thrilling dance & disco remixes like ‘Love Joy Understanding (Tortured Soul Remix)’ or ‘Step Aside (Dimitri & DJ Meme Remix)’ this album clearly states what an impressive band Incognito is.

Not to miss the groovy, uplifting and refreshing songs, taken from Incognito's latest works “Transatlantic R.P.M.“ (2010) and “Surreal” (2012), each crafted with driving rhythms and sensual voices. Songs like ‘1975’, ‘Lowdown’ (featuring soul legend Chaka Khan and Italian superstar Mario Biondi) are missing just as little as ‘Goodbye To
Yesterday’ or ‘Above The Night’.

Not enough of the highlights, “The New Millenium Collection” also features so far physically never before released remixes from the mastermind Bluey as well as famous producer Ski Oakenfull.


01. 1975
02. Lowdown
03. Beyond the Clouds
04. Everybody Loves the Sunshine
05. I Come Alive (Rimshot & Basses)
06. Always There
07. We Got Music
08. When the Sun Comes Down
09. I‘ve Been Waiting
10. Everything That We Are
11. Love Joy Understanding (Tortured Soul Remix)
12. Close My Eyes
13. Let the Mystery Be
14. Step Aside (Dimitri & DJ Meme Remix)

01. Goodbye To Yesterday
02. Above The Night
03. The Less You Know
04. Capricorn Sun
05. Miso
06. Put a Little Lovin‘ In (Bluey Remix)
07. 1975 (Ski Oakenfull Remix)
08. Life Ain‘t Nothing But a Good Thing
(Bluey‘s Jazz Funk Rejam)
09. Lowdown (Ski Oakenfull Remix)

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