Deep Purple25. October 2013

earMUSIC is happy to announce that NOW What?! by Deep Purple has just reached Gold Status in Germany, one of the world leading markets. 

earMUSIC and Deep Purple have already enjoyed a considerable amount of achievements with the album produced by b: 

NOW What?! has topped the sales charts in Germany, Austria, Norway, Czech Republic 
NOW What?! charted in the Top 5 in 7 countries 
NOW What?! charted in the Top 10 in 10 countries 

Before reaching Gold Status in Germany, NOW What?! has gained the same status in Russia, Czech Republic and Poland, not to mention the fact the band has made a very much deserved return to the British Top-20 for the first time in 20 years. 

Constantly touring in support of the new album, Deep Purple are playing nearly every day in front of sold out venues all over Europe. 

To celebrate the success of the album and the support of one of the greatest fan bases known in rock history, NOW What?! will be released on November 29th 2013 as a Golden Deluxe Edition. 
A bonus disc made of over 70 minutes of unreleased live music recorded during the summer shows ("The NOW What?! Live Tapes") will shine as a bonus disc on this deluxe edition. 
The recordings show a band that still love to improvise like only few others can, changing the classic songs all the time and challenging themselves. Still, that magic sound is there, as if time could do nothing against it. 
In an era when live albums are too often not much more than a studio exercise, one cannot help admiring the musicianship and the groove coming out of the speakers, especially considering that the record shows exactly what came out of the amplifiers on those nights. Great care has been paid to present this extra disc in a stunning hi-fi quality, still preserving its authenticity. 

The studio album and this exceptional live album are sold together for a special price, and with the inclusion of a brand new booklet to support the second disc, with notes by Ian Gillan. 
Loyal fans who have already bought the album, will have the chance to buy this double pack paying it less than they would normally pay a new live album. 

„This is fantastic for us - said Ian Gillan, when reached by the news of the Gold achievement in Germany - The German fans have always been so supportive; it gives us encouragement to know that new material is being appreciated. And this album is working so well live on stage too. We have to say this is another peak in the life of Deep Purple and ‘Vielen Dank Deutschland’ for everything – we love you!“ 

NOW What?! is nominated as "album of the year" on the forthcoming Classic Rock Awards in the UK.